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With over thirty combined active years in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry, Arctic Cooling Services is proud to offer you our wide range of high-quality products and services. Over the years, the Arctic Team has grown into a well-balanced, professional outfit with the capacity to tackle all aspects of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Our strategy is simple: we offer a quick, reliable service to our customers, and we refuse to compromise on quality.

Meet the Team


Arctic Cooling Services Director – James Gray

James Gray describes himself as a driven individual, always striving to reach his targets and goals. He started out as an industry apprentice, performing starter-level tasks such as sweeping the floor and cleaning tools.

With a passion for delivery the outcomes clients want and a desire for getting the best out of life, James worked his way to the top. He is now an active director of Arctic Cooling Services Ltd, which he describes as his best and most enjoyable project in life so far.

He knows first-hand what it takes to be a great engineer and most importantly: how to deliver an excellent service.

Why Arctic?

We offer a prompt and efficient service, which, when paired with our reliable and responsive team of highly skilled engineers, provides clients with the cost-effective solutions they need.

Our 30+ years in the industry means we know that at the heart of every job we complete, customer satisfaction and happiness is what matters most. This motivates us to complete each project to the best of our abilities, without compromising on quality.

Got a project you’d like us to quote on? We’re interested! Get in touch on 0208 759 8527 or at info@arcticcoolingservices.com.

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    Why Choose Arctic?

    Reliable & Responsive
    Prompt & Efficient Service
    Highly Skilled Engineers
    30 years + Experience

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    We’d be delighted to welcome you into the family of Arctic Cooling Services customers who already enjoy our dedicated maintenance policies and range of fantastic products.

    Please get in touch by phone on 0208 759 8527 or by email at info@arcticcoolingservices.com. Arctic Cooling Services will handle your queries with the utmost care and attention so that you get the outcome you want as quickly as possible.

    With over thirty combined years of experience between us, Arctic Coolings’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration team know exactly how to approach each project we’re contracted to complete.

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